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Neuschwanstein Castle – Probably The Most Visited Castle in The World! (HQ Images & Interesting facts)

Bavaria, Germany is renowned for being the abode of this gargantuan edifice earmarked in the historicism of Europe – the Neuschwanstein Castle. With its unflawed Romanesque architectural design, the beauty of this castle permeates the entirety of the cliff upon which it stands and beams at the world. What an ecstatic scenery! The scintillating peace of the…

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Leeds Castle – “The Lovliest ​Castle in The World” (HQ Pictures & Top 5 Facts)

Like every other ancient castles in the world, the Leeds Castle situated at Kent, England, is one whose historical chronicles are worth reading about. Of course, the beauty of the Leeds Castle is one that surpasses what mere words can describe. No wonder, it has been designated as the “loveliest castle in the world.” Surrounded by the…

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Edinburgh Castle – Discover Top 5 Mind-Blowing Facts (HQ Pictures & History)

This castle located at Edinburgh, Scotland represents the legacy of the Scottish people. This underscores the reason why it has been regarded as “iconic” from time immemorial. Founded upon Castle Rock (volcanic rock), it resonates atop the city’s skyline. From the unraveling of history, it becomes crystal clear that the Edinburgh Castle is notable as a strong hold in…

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