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​​Medieval Castle Keep: History, Types, Designs & Purposes

The medieval keep is the fortified heart of the castle. It was usually designed in the shape of a tower, which would have three or more floors along with a basement. Since some of the most important rooms in the castle were located here, the keep was terrifically protected and located in the innermost part…

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The Tower of London – A Panorama of History

Standing on the staircase into the White Tower (the Tower of London: the central keep), the panorama to your left catches the history of London from Roman to modern in one view. Off to your left, at the base of the stairs, remnants of the town walls of Roman Londinium are just visible with their…

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​​Medieval Gothic Castles: What Are Their 7 Characteristics?

Once you hear the words “Gothic,” “Medieval,” and “castle” strung together in a sentence, you’ll notice how your mind readily invokes the image of a tall, imposing building with lots of turrets and pointed arches. That’s how media has glamorized this style, but it’s definitely not the beginning nor the end of it. Pelese Castle…

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​​Medieval Castle Gatehouses – Crucial Line of Defence!

As is well-known, every medieval castle was designed as a fortress of sorts. And why was that? Because there were constant skirmishes in that era, which ensured that even a petty disagreement could result in an attack. So, with that in mind, what do you think is the most vulnerable part of a medieval castle?…

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Medieval Fantasy Castles & Their Designs In Real Life (Must Visit)

What is a medieval fantasy castle? Immediately a picture from a Hollywood fantasy film springs to mind. It should have several turrets poking towards the clouds above the battlement walls, tantalizingly visible from afar. The impenetrable surrounding wall with equally-spaced towers rises from a clear moat. If the drawbridge is down, impressively carved wooden doors…

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