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Moritzburg Castle – A Baroque Masterpiece Palace in Germany

Located in the German city of Saxon, Moritzburg, this classic baroque style castle is a complete work of art. It stands tall in the middle of an artificial island and has a remarkably symmetrical countenance. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and lush green lawns, this castle boasts a spectacular interior that’s furnished with ornate furniture, luxurious…

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Malbork – The Largest Castle in The World (History & Travel Tips)

The stunning Malbork Castle dates back to Poland’s medieval history, and hearkens back to the time when it served as the fortress for one of Poland’s largest armies and magasties. With absolutely stunning and breathtaking architecture, the castle amazes visitors and historians with its spectacular medieval features and structure. Its long and storied history includes…

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Neuschwanstein Castle – Probably The Most Visited Castle in The World! (HQ Images & Interesting facts)

Bavaria, Germany is renowned for being the abode of this gargantuan edifice earmarked in the historicism of Europe – the Neuschwanstein Castle. With its unflawed Romanesque architectural design, the beauty of this castle permeates the entirety of the cliff upon which it stands and beams at the world. What an ecstatic scenery! The scintillating peace of the…

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