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Kilkenny Castle – Protector of the River Nore (History & Travel Tips)

Kilkenny Castle is one of Ireland’s largest and most historically influential castles. It has withstood sieges in two different civil wars while guarding an impactful crossing-point along the River Nore. The Butler family has been in residence (on and off) for centuries. Kilkenny is a beautiful blend of Norman castle and Victorian Gothic remodels, plus…

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Braemar Castle – The Highland’s Historic Jewel (History & Travel Tips)

Braemar Castle is a 17th-century tower house that is one of Scotland’s most wonderful historical monuments. Its star-shaped defenses, Burrow-Esque five floors of architecture (magic affectionados, anyone?), and stark facade hide an interesting history dotted with significant events and highlights. As an iconic landmark with a colorful past, this castle has become a favorite tourist…

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Heidelberg Castle – Renaissance & Ruins (History & Travel Tips)

Heidelberg Castle is a beautiful conglomerate of historical eras set on a hillside overlooking the German town of Heidelberg. There has been a castle on the grounds since the 1200s. Inside the castle walls, buildings from several eras ranging from ruins to renovations mix together.  It is an amazing look at the architectural and political…

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Château de Chenonceau – The Real Life Disney Castle (History & Travel Tips)

Château de Chenonceau is a renaissance masterpiece that feels like it’s been plucked straight out of a Disney movie. The sheer elegance, sophistication, and classic architectural details of this chateau have made it a true tourist hub with almost 800,000 people visiting in 2007. Further, we’ll look at everything that you need to know about…

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