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Spis Castle – Slovakia’s Gothic Royalty (History & Travel Tips)

Spis Castle boasts a colorful history interspersed with important cultural details and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Slovakia. It has a fascinating history and deep cultural roots, which we’ll explore right here:

Several movies have been shot at Spis Castle, including Dragonheart and The Last Legion. The worms eye view…

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Devin Castle – Slovakia’s History Through Ruins

Although standing proud in its semi-ruinous grandeur today, Devin Castle was once the center of the Slovakian socio-economic hub. At present, it houses a museum and is considered to be a symbol of Slavic unity and fellowship. Further, we’ll be looking at its history, current condition, and its standing in the world of today:

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Bratislava Castle – The Capital’s Show Stopper

Nestled in the historic (and present) hub of the Slovak capital, Bratislava Castle is one of the most important monuments to the country’s heritage. Today, it’s a dominant feature of the city where it resides, but it also boasts a rich history that dates back all the way to 907. Let’s look at how it’s…

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Trakoscan Castle – Croatian Fairytale Castle

Trakoscan Castle is one of the most frequently visited and famous castles in Croatia. The castle is preserved in its original form, with its architectural magnificence attracting thousands of tourists across the globe each year. Standing amidst tall alpine trees and high hills, the castle is famous for its surreal and fairytale vibes. If you…

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Eger Castle- The European Shield

When reading about the history of Europeans and Ottomans, you are bound to come across Eger Castle. It played a notable role in building the defense of the Christian empire against the Ottomans. This Medieval castle blended with Gothic architectural influences stands proud today with all its glory and glamor carefully preserved. Let us take…

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Vajdahunyad Castle- Budapest’s Historical Pride

Built during the Romantic period, Vajdahunyad Castle is one of the main tourist attractions in Hungary. The architecture of the castle offers a classic fusion of the Romantic and Renaissance architectural styles. While looking at the castle, you can see the medieval Gothic style amalgamating with the eclectic Romantic vibes. This Romantic beauty not only…

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