Nita Gleimius

After spending a career in the financial industry, Nita was ready to indulge her lifelong passion for ancient history. She obtained a degree in Ancient Near Eastern Cultures, Biblical Archaeology, and related fields. She has been writing full time across many genres since retiring from her position as a Regional Marketing Manager for a major banking institution. Nita is a Published Author on the Zulu Kingdom through Lerner Publications, available on Amazon, Goodreads, and is used in different schools in the USA and South Africa as part of their syllabus. The website, publishes articles on Ancient Near Eastern History written by Nita regularly. She has wandered around many ancient sites in several countries.

Latest Author's Articles

Gravensteen Castle – Ancient Castle to City Center (History & Travel Tips)

Gravensteen literally means “Count’s stone” or Stone (Castle) of the Counts.  The picturesque, storybook image of today’s Gravensteen Castle is a representation of the...

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