Zunaira Ghazal

Zunaira is an architect and designer on paper, but a writer at heart. She’s got a Bachelors in Architecture and a passion for traveling, both of which combine in her writings about timeworn castles and fortresses that have withstood the tests of time and stand proud to this day.

Latest Author's Articles

Medieval Food: A Deep Dive into the Diet & Cuisine of the Middle Ages

Ever wondered what food was like in the Middle Ages? Interestingly, medieval cuisine was a mixed bag of lavish feasts for the wealthy and simpler fare for the peasants. This...

Exploring the World of Medieval Towers: From Defense to Legacy

Medieval towers were an essential component of medieval castles and fortifications in Europe. They were used for both defensive and offensive purposes–serving as lookouts...

10 Oldest Castles in the World | History & Travel Tips!

Castles have played an important role throughout history, serving as both defensive structures and grand residences for royalty and nobility. Many castles around the...

The Best Castles to Visit in Russia (Listed by Popularity)

Russia - the home of Leo Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, and Nureyev. It’s a country that’s rich in culture and has been producing world-renowned thinkers, artists,...

Kazan Kremlin – Russia’s Presidential Pride (History & Travel Tips)

Walking into the Kazan Kremlin is like stepping right into the luxurious world of 16th-century Russian nobility. It’s a venture through breathtaking cathedrals, extravagant...

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