Windsor Castle – The Oldest & Largest Occupied Castle in The World (HQ Photos & History)


Wealth and royalty are the two words that we often think of whenever we hear the words “Windsor Castle”.  It has been the home of Great Britain’s kings and queens for more than a thousand years. Now, it is one of The Queen’s three official residences. 

Windsor Castle was built in the 11thcentury be the home of the English monarch in England. It is no wonder that each generation of the royal family continues to occupy the castle even until now. Because of this, the Windsor Castle was named as the longest occupied castle in Europe as well as the largest occupancy among all the castles in the world. People from all over would often gather at the castle gates for the changing of the guards as well as for the hope of catching a glimpse of the members of the royal family. If you get lucky, you might just see one of them.

It has been the home of Great Britain’s kings and queens for more than a thousand years. Now, it is one of The Queen’s three official residences. 

Windsor Castle at Sunset – Diliff [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Windsor Castle Located?

Windsor Castle is located in Berkshire County in London, just near the River Thames.

When was Windsor Castle Built? Who Build It?

The castle was first built in the late 11th century by William the Conqueror.

When is The Best Time to Visit the Castle?

Unlike the other castles, you can visit Windsor Castle throughout the year. You can check out their schedule on their official website.

What Other Monuments are Located Nearby?

There are several historical monuments in the area, one of them is the St. George’ Chapel and the Queen Victoria Statue.


Early History

Originally, Windsor Castle was supposed to be a military base for the English soldiers. It was built in a strategic location because of its accessibility to the capital and the royal hunting grounds.

Entrance to the castle [Public Domain]

In 1110, the castle was then converted into the living quarters of Henry I and his grandson Henry II. The latter then constructed two separate living quarters and fortified the wooden walls into stones.

Windsor Castle Side View [Public Domain]

In the late 14th century, Edward III modified Windsor Castle into a gothic palace. which he spent more than £51,000 on the modifications alone. It was only in the Middle Ages when the Tudors finally designed Windsor Castle as a suitable royal residence. 

Windsor Castle. York and Lancaster Towers [Public Domain]

During the reign of Elizabeth I  Windsor Castle became her safe haven. She improved the castle’s defenses and erected several modest buildings. Throughout the years, the castle underwent modifications, especially in 1992 when a major fire occurred at the castle.

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Current Times

In current times, the 12-acre castle is not just the home of the royal family but also a place of history and learning. The Royal family opened some of the parts of the castle for the public.

Windsor Castle” Aerial View (CC BY 2.0) by M McBey

Guests will be able to see both the interior and exterior parts of the castle walls. They are allowed to roam around the vast courtyard outside the castle, as well as visit some of the state apartments and staterooms.

Beautiful view of the park and the castle – Evka W [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The state apartments are adorned with some of the important paintings in history.  Interestingly, some of the royal murals and paintings were restored to look exactly like how they were when first made.

The castle’s Round Tower – Diliff [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The royal family continues to share the real story of the magnificent past of England over the past years. Today, it is one of the biggest attractions in England.

Interesting Facts About Windsor Castle

  • A Royal Prison.During the English Civil War, the Windsor Castle became the prison cell of Charles I.
  • Expensive Restoration.Windsor Castle had been restored several times. In fact, George III and George IV have spent a fortune in restoring several parts of the castle.
  • 5-year restoration.After the fire on November 1992, 115 rooms were damaged including Queen Victoria’s private chapel and several staterooms. It took 5 years to fully restore these areas.
  • The 4th Largest Castle in the world.Windsor Castle is named as the fourth largest castle with more than 54,000 square meters.
  • Longest Castle occupied by the Royal Family.The royal family had been residing in the Windsor Castle for more than 900 years and counting.

Opening Times & Ticket Prices

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